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TG offers programs for all levels of play - train on your own time, and find the program that is right for you!


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The Training Grounds Way is the set of values that define our culture and approach to player development.


TG is an inclusive gaming community. Players of all backgrounds can find new teammates and support one another’s growth, in and outside the game.


TG players pursue excellence. We take pride in doing the work required to perform our best.


TG players have a growth mindset. We can always be better in how we approach the game, how we treat others, and how well we perform.


TG players value mentorship and coaching. We understand the limits of our experience and are open to feedback and different perspectives.


TG players are fearless. We embrace challenges and take risks to grow and learn.


TG players love to play games. We celebrate gamer life and culture. We watch and play a wide range of games for fun and sport. And we love memes.


See what our members have to say about Training Grounds!

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I came across TG less than a year ago but I am glad I did. I started off in a Valorant camp as Silver 3 player on my first FPS on PC. Fast forward a few months and now I am a Diamond 1 player.

TG Quote ImageAngel

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Training Grounds has given me the opportunity to play alongside friendly and encouraging individuals and has created a space where players of all ages and skill levels can learn and progress.

TG Quote ImageEvan

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One of my favorite things that I learned was how to correctly and effectively watch and learn from my replays, which still helps me a lot and I continue to do.

TG Quote ImageBrayden

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I now am competing in the second TG League, and I love being a part of TG as I get to learn, and play with others my age who are just as enthusiastic as I am.

TG Quote ImageCooper

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I really appreciate the amount of dedication that the coaches and staff have in the TG League. Also my experience thus far with all of the players has been amazing.

TG Quote ImageSeth