Cloud9 is one of the world’s premier esports organizations. Founded in 2013 and named Esports Organization of the Year in 2019, Cloud9 has won championships in such games as Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and Valorant.

With a focus on performance driven by hard work, commitment, wellness, and a love of the game, Cloud9 stands apart in esports as an organization devoted not just to winning, but to helping people unlock their best selves.

We believe the same skills that lead to success in competitive gaming – like teamwork, collaboration, effective communication, and staying connected to the fun of competitive play – also lead to success in life. These values drive our work with our professional athletes. With Training Grounds, Cloud9 is bringing the same experience to young esports and gaming fans.

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Training Grounds Coaches are fundamental to the TG experience. Cloud9 is hiring, developing, and training coaches through a rigorous system based on our pro team coaching processes and fundamentals.

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