October 21, 2022

C9TG Adds New Game Title - Overwatch 2

North America's premier esports training program expands to offer OW2 coaching starting this November.

October 21, 2022, Santa Monica CA: Cloud9 Training Grounds, North America’s premier esports development program, is excited to add industry-leading Bootcamps and coaching for Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch 2. Blizzard, a North American video game company that has spent the past few years embattled with employee walkouts and resignations amidst controversy, has already made a huge splash with the much-anticipated Overwatch sequel. Released on October 4th, 2022, Overwatch 2 has already attracted over 25 million players, who have signed on to experience new collaborative modes, changes and upgrades made to existing game characters, and, perhaps especially, the addition of three new heroes.

One of the mainstays of the Overwatch competitive scene was Cloud9’s Overwatch team, London Spitfire, who won the first ever Overwatch League Grand Finals in 2018. Cloud9 Training Grounds looks to build on this winning foundation of esports performance with Overwatch 2. Although Blizzard has been quiet about their impending plans for Overwatch 2 to break into the esports competitive scene, it is all but a certainty; the original Overwatch, which was released in 2016, saw hundreds of millions of hours of lifetime play, and pro players took home more than $30 million in total prize money from the many Tier 1 tournaments around the world. C9TG Overwatch 2 Bootcamps are the first of their kind for this brand new game, and are a must-buy for anyone looking to make an early splash in the O2 competitive scene!

C9TG Bootcamps
C9TG’s first new Overwatch 2 Bootcamp will take place from November 19th-20th, and will focus on how players can make the most of the new intricacies, tips, and tricks from the new game to get a head start in their ranked matches. This particular 2-day Bootcamp will be structured similarly to the structure of other C9TG Bootcamps: two days of professional coaching for you and your team of similarly-ranked players, with live workshops for training mechanics, drills, game strategy, scrimmage practice, in-depth game VOD reviews, and the addition of physical fitness training from Cloud9’s performance partner FITGMR.

With the addition of Overwatch 2, C9TG rounds out a field of games that appeal to a multitude of interests, including League of Legends, VALORANT, and Teamfight Tactics from publisher Riot Games, and titles such as Rocket League, Fortnite, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, among others. Overwatch 2 marks C9TG’s first major addition since adding Rocket League this past June, and is the first time Overwatch will make an appearance in a premier C9TG program. Read more about C9TG’s Bootcamps!

The Coaches
C9TG believes that positive coaching has the greatest impact on a gamer’s performance on and off the field. Each skill-based coaching session is designed to target a specific skill through curriculum, then breaks out into drills, mini-games, and VOD reviews to put the skill into motion. Over the course of any C9TG program, coaches take a leading role in determining what the needs are of each player on their assigned team, and a certification process, which includes training from the Positive Coaching Alliance, The GameHers, and FITGMR.

C9TG personally pairs coaches with teams, and ensures that gamers get individual attention, 1:1, in addition to extensive small group coaching. Depending on the program, a coach may have one team or two, depending on the scrimmage needs of each team. All coaching is growth-oriented in nature, and C9TG coaches strive to foster a positive community focused on growth and learning. Many coaches are frequently active in the C9TG community discord server giving advice, or playing and watching games with members of their past and current teams and anyone else who wants to hang out and have a good time. Read more about C9TG coaches here!

How to Get Involved At C9TG
The best way to stay updated on the release of our Overwatch 2 Bootcamp, as well as the Gym and Leagues, is to join the C9TG community discord server. This server is open for anybody to join, and hosts a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly content – – you may even win some prizes! This is a great home for anybody who loves playing video games, and has multiple exclusive Membership Tiers, as part of the C9TG Gym.

The Cloud9 Training Grounds Gym is a monthly subscription service which gives you exclusive access to content, coaching, and game play. Unlike C9TG Leagues and Bootcamps, which have structure and designated training periods during a set span of days, you can train on your own time. Access the VOD Library to see our past classes, join daily masterclasses and training for a variety of games, and play against your friends (and some C9 staff!) in Arena play. Passes start as low as $15 a month, and if you purchase an annual membership, you’ll get some bonus swag thrown in with your purchase.

Cloud9’s performance partner, FITGMR, knows what it takes to be the best at gaming; they train the C9 LCS team, among others, in physical fitness. You can start preparing for the Overwatch 2 Bootcamp just like the C9 teams train by downloading the FITGMR app on your smartphone or Android. Performing well means keeping your physical and mental health in check. The FITGMR app will help you track your sleep, nutrition, and in-game progress. Not to mention, you’ll also get free workouts to try.


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On May 24th 2016, American video game developer Blizzard Entertainment changed the esports scene forever with the launch of Overwatch. Six years, tens of millions of players and over $30 million in international prize money later, the landscape changed again this month with the launch of Overwatch 2!

Get a head start on the 25 million gamers who have already downloaded the game by joining C9TG’s new Overwatch 2 Bootcamp! Try out the new competitive modes, rank up with your favorite returning character, or learn to play with the three new heroes, Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko! Elevate your gameplay and learn from the best coaches in C9TG.