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At Training Grounds, we believe positive coaching has the greatest impact on a gamer’s performance on and off the field.

Training Approach


Every coaching session targets a specific skill through curriculum, then breaks out into drills, mini-games, or VOD reviews to put the skill into motion.

Growth- Oriented

Coaches model TG values by creating a positive community focused on growth and learning.


Coaches provide small group and 1:1 coaching support to provide personal coaching to fill the needs of every player and team.


While most coaches are highly ranked, semi-pro players, our best coaches exemplify TG values – community, growth, excellence, mentorship, courage and play.


Gamer Tag: Rime

Game: League of Legends

Rank: Challenger Mid & Top

Hours Coached: 500+


Why you like being a coach:
As a long-time gamer, coaching allows me to share my skills and passion for esports with others as well as introduce them to opportunities


Gamer Tag: KillerMiller
Game: Valorant
Rank: Top 800 Immortal
Hours Coached:
Active coach since beta


Why you like being a coach:
“One of my favorite parts about coaching is being able to share and teach information that truly helps other people achieve their goals, and watching them grow overtime.”


Gamer Tag: Athlete
Game: Rocket League
Rank: Super Sonic Legend
Hours Coached:


Why you like being a coach:
Seeing improvement over time and watching players reach their goals.


Gamer Tag: Jingen
Game: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & VALORANT
Rank: #1 at UCI and #4 in San Diego for Smash 4 and #3 at UCI for Ultimate. (Immortal for VALORANT)
Hours Coached:
144 hours (For VALORANT & Smash) (22 for just Smash)


Why you like being a coach:
I enjoy helping players learn…

What our members have to say about C9 Training Grounds!

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I have really loved my experience at Training Grounds! My school team has received amazing coaching from our coach, Orbitz, in League of Legends and have improved way faster than we would have on our own.

TG Quote ImageSenya

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Our coach (Dan Heinzen) was incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and great to work with. I learned something new and impactful each week. I’ve grown a lot as a player.

TG Quote ImageDrew

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TG has been extremely helpful. I’ve enjoyed playing and learning with my team. Tryouts where an absolute blast and my coach Rime is an absolute smurf.

TG Quote ImageJulian

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