Answers to frequently asked questions about Training Grounds and the camp programs

Who can sign up? 

Players ages 13-18 can register for Training Grounds. Players will “age out” of Training Grounds on August 7th of their 18th year, following high school graduation.

Some camps may have more limited age ranges due to ESRB Game Ratings. 

How much does it cost?

To check out current camp programs and their prices, please head to our Registration page.

Will I/my youth player get better at the game?

Training Grounds offers dedicated lessons and resources that help players learn and practice their in-game skills. As with any activity, each player’s dedication to practice will affect their pace of improvement.

Why choose Cloud9 Training Grounds?

C9 Training Grounds is the only esports camp designed and operated by a professional esports organization – and the only place young people can learn through the same coaching methodology and processes that support Cloud9 pro teams to be their best, as players and as people.

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How can I learn more?

Fill our our form below to get more information from us about Training Grounds!