Our training approach to every game is informed by professional Esports coaches, players, and game publishers.

Training Programs

Fortnite is a battle royale, open world , sandbox where you can learn how to build and use it to be either defensive or aggressive. It is one of the most popular games to this day with over 3 million people playing concurrently.



The great thing about fortnite is the more you learn about building the more playstyles you can have. This game is a battle royale game so the last person / team standing wins the game. There’s also a game mode called creative where you can play other game modes that is not battle royale for example 1v1’s – 4v4’s.



Competitive is based on the amount of points you can get in a certain amount of battle royale games. TG works on teaching you how to become a better in game fighter, helping you get more points in the tournaments and helps things like mentality that can be used in or outside of the game.


Hand eye coordination and a fast reaction time are two key skills to have. A good mentality and knowing when and what you need to improve on are two important things as well. Having enough sleep and a good sleep schedule helps your performance.




Fortnite has a large competitive community along with a large following that gets many people interested and hooked on the game. If you’re going into the camp as a beginner then the coaches will give you months of knowledge in just one camp. This will speed the process of your improvement and you will be practicing things in your first couple weeks instead of learning them months into playing the game.


If you are a traditional athlete, this is the game for you. Implementing ideas that you use in real life and transferring them in the game will start you ahead of the rest. The fastest paced esport in the scene that relies on developing your skill over time creating an extremely satisfying grind to the top.


If you get into fortnite and get the hang of it you will become addicted the more you build the better you want to get. You can meet new friends and explore the creative part of the game. Whether you’re a competitive person or you like to just chill and game out there are two sides of the game you can choose any one of those sides at any time.

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