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Updates on C9 Training Grounds

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Free quarterly master classes

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Bi-annual open tournaments

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10% early-bird discounts on training or league pass

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Starts at $200/yr (Save $40!)

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Weekly master classes and VOD reviews with top C9TG coaches

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Content creation workshops

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Game nights

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Free C9TG t-shirt*

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All Academy benefits

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C9 Pro player events

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C9TG coach training

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C9 industry panels

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Free C9TG jersey*

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1hr free private coaching*

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50% discounts on all training and league purchases*

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Monthly Member Benefits

TG Discord access

TG Newsletter

Free quarterly trainings

Annual open tourneys

Weekly master classes

Game-specific Club play with C9TG coaches

VOD reviews by C9TG coaches

Content creation classes (e.g. for aspiring influencers)

Monthly members only tournaments

Exclusive events with C9 pro players and special guests

C9 merch giveaways and prizes

Esports industry networking and resume drops (18+ only)

Quarterly coach trainings by elite coaching Partners (18+ only)

Earn credits to become a TG coach or counselor (18+ only)

Annual Pass Benefits

Two months of free membership

C9TG T-shirt (Academy) or Jersey (Pro)

25% off (Academy) or 50% off (Pro) all Bootcamps and Leagues

1 hr free private coaching

Priority access to TG League

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Gym different than the bootcamps?

The Gym is designed for individual players who want to drop in to a 60-minute coach-led class 1-2 times a week. Classes may have 20 or more attendees. Bootcamps are multi-day, team-based trainings for players who want a more rigorous Esports experience with a dedicated master TG Coach. Bootcamps have no more than 10 players per cohort.

Why should I buy a Pro vs. an Academy membership?

A Pro level membership gives you exclusive access to C9 pro events, industry nights, and coach certification classes.

Why should I buy an Annual Pass vs a Monthly subscription?

The Annual pass not only includes two-months off a monthly subscription, it also comes with a discount code for 25-50% off on all bootcamps and league passes. Annual pass holders will also receive a premium C9 gift.

What extra benefits do I receive as an 18+ TG Gym Member?

Adult (18+) members of TG can participate in Esports industry networking events and earn credits to become a C9TG Coach.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. You can also purchase a single month of membership, or subscribe to a monthly membership and receive a 10% discount.

How often will C9 pro players offer demos and AMAs?

In 2022, we plan on holding C9 pro player and influencer events every 2-3 months. We will also host special guests outside of C9 every month, including well known content creators.