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See what our members are saying about Training Grounds!

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This community is incredible, literally, an event is happening multiple times a week and is rapidly scaling up. As a long time esports competitor this is the next best experience I’ve ever had to the real thing.

TG Quote ImageChristopher

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Training Grounds has been a great experience with amazing coaches. The more you put into training grounds, the more you will get out of it.

TG Quote ImageBrennan

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If you want hands on help for ranking up or learning to compete in a team setting, this is a great place to go!

TG Quote ImageEthan

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My time in TG was great, I learned a lot about not only basic knowledge on macro and decision making but things I can implement to tournaments and clash as well with shot calling, how to prioritize objectives, and determining win condition.

TG Quote ImagePaul

Train with the best. Play with the best. Achieve your best.

The Gym is a monthly subscription offering exclusive access to unique learning content, game play, and networking.

On your own time

On-demand schedules so you can drop in and train when it works for you.

Customized for you

Personalized options so you can choose what you want focus on.

Try something new

Curious about another game, try it out at the gym to see if it’s for you.

No pressure practice

Build your gaming skills with coaching and practice and enter live gaming with confidence .

The TG Gym Experience

Your Gym pass includes weekly access to exclusive TG experiences:

Play in the Arena

Enjoy daily game play, practice drills, and stat tracking with friends on your favorite game titles

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Learn from the Masters

Learn new tips and tricks from C9 and TG masters of the game and keep the learning going.

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Get VOD Reviews + Feedback

Get help analyzing your performance, develop a champion’s mindset and get support from our certified coaches.

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Create Engaging Content

Learn how to create engaging Esports content from emerging Esports artists and influencers.

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Make Industry Connections

Connect with Esports industry experts and build your network to land your Esports dream job.

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Exclusive Membership Benefits

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Free Tournaments

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Merch Giveaways

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50% Off TG League & Bootcamps

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TG Coach Certification

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Pro Player Demos

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Special Guest Events


What’s Happening in the Gym

Stay in the know on upcoming events so you don’t miss a thing. Join The Training Grounds Gym Discord community, connect with coaches and learn new skills to take your rank to the next level.

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Games Played in the Gym

Super Smash Bros
Rocket League
TeamFlight Tactics