High School Esports Programs

Fall '22 high school programs are underway! Stay tuned for updates about future programming!

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Program Overview

Our coaches are from the top 2% of players in their games.
We train them continuously in topics such as team-building, coaching strategies, anti-harassment, diversity and inclusion, and digital safety.
With every program, you get a pro-level coach, trained to ensure that every student gets the best coaching experience.

Sign up by September 30
Program begins October 15

Program Options

Training Grounds Gym

$25 / student (20% off)

  • Best for small or new programs (1-5 students)
  • Daily masterclasses, VOD reviews, and scrimmages
  • Coaching corner: weekly content and advice for team coaches
  • Recordings of all classes available for viewing on your own time
  • Subscribe monthly, cancel anytime
  • *Requires Discord access

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Training Grounds Bootcamps

$75 / student (70% off)

  • Personalized 2-month bootcamp, 2-3 hours per week
  • Pick your own training schedule
  • Live coaching and scrimmages with top-ranked esports players
  • Rigorous Cloud9 curriculum designed by the pros
  • Free 2-month access to the FITGMR Pro App for all students ($20 per player value)
  • Free 2-month access to wellness training for coaches ($100 value)
  • Free 2-month access to FITGMR team dashboard ($100 value)

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