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League of Legends is a team-oriented strategy game created by Riot Games. Two teams of five players will each use a champion to fight on Summoner’s Rift and destroy the other’s base. Players choose from over 150 champions to battle against each other in a fight for victory.

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The Goal of League of Legends is to work together as a team and destroy the enemy nexus at the heart of their base.  Teams will secure kills, destroy towers, and slay monsters to ultimately destroy their opponents’ base before their own gets taken.



League of Legends is a 5v5 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA for short, that pits two teams against each other.  Every game you will ty pically play on a team with four other players and team up to win.  Cloud9 Training Grounds works to help train players of all skill levels to compete in a team versus team competitive format.


League of Legends requires a multitude of skills like critical-thinking, reaction time, problem-solving, teamwork, coordination, communications, and leadership.  Working together as a team is one of the most important things in League of Legends.  The best players are able to perform well in their individual play.  and also are the best teammates possible.




League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world and here at Cloud9 Training Grounds we aim to help improve every skill possible through it.  We help our players not only learn to play the game better, but also learn how to operate in a team environment.  League of Legends is one of the best team games available to help players improve and learn to achieve goals as a team.


League of Legends is a game that has something for everyone.  It has an immense amount of champion diversity and different roles to play, so everyone will be able to find champions they love.  With one of the largest player bases in the gaming world, you will be able to meet and connect with gamers all over the world.


League of Legends is a great competitive game to learn how to achieve goals.  Whether it is reaching a certain rank in the game’s competitive ladder or learning a new champion to play with your friends, the game helps players learn how to create goals to strive for and work hard to achieve them.

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