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TFT is a round-based strategy game developed by Riot Games and
contains the characters and items from League of Legends. Within TFT, eight players compete against each other until there is one winner left.

By combining critical thinking and the element of chance, TFT allows players to use their imagination and creativity to draft a unique team and fight to be the last one standing.

TFT game


The objective of TFT is to defeat all seven other players by depleting their health bar to zero. Players will take damage if they lose a round to their current opponent. In order to win, players must create the strongest team possible and deal damage to their opponent’s health bar until no opponents remain.

TFT game


TFT is an auto battler game where eight players face off against one another in separate 1v1 battles. There are various tournaments for TFT worldwide including Riot organized tournaments for each region. Training Grounds typically trains how to become a better TFT player and focuses on teaching players how to outsmart their opponent.


Critical and creative thinking along with fast reaction time, are game-specific skills required to be a good TFT player. Additionally, having a good memory along with having a good imagination are key traits to be skilled at TFT. Healthy habit to help improve at TFT include practicing improvising and keeping a level head.




TG focuses on TFT as it is becoming an extremely popular game within the gaming community. Within TG, TFT coaches have been presenting general knowledge powerpoints and reviewing top level gameplay in order to help players improve. If a player is just starting to learn TFT, coaching will help them quickly obtain a solid foundation along with learning advanced and specific strategies.


TFT is an incredibly fun game as each match is unique due to the chance factor within the game. Additionally, TFT allows players to express their creative thinking as they build their team. Players who are intellectual thinkers, have fast mechanics, and are creative, will definitely enjoy playing TFT.


TFT helps individuals hone their creative mindset through visualization of boards and scenarios within each match. Additionally, TFT coaching improves players emotional management and introspection; both skills that develop as a result of our TG improvement mindset.

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