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June 13, 2022

TG Insider is a deep look at the Training Grounds community to celebrate our players, coaches, and accomplishments!

Spotlight of the Week

This week we are spotlighting one of our new Valorant coaches, Angelina (IceQueen).

Angelina began her musical journey at the age of three when she learned to play Ode to Joy on the piano. She also started her gaming career around the same time and the two activities became intertwined throughout her life thereafter. She now combines the lessons of hard work, determination, and her passion for teaching in both fields as she studies music education and coaches Valorant at Training Grounds.

“I had a PS2, then moved onto an Xbox 360, Xbox Live, and eventually, PS4. As a little girl, it never occurred to me that most other little girls didn’t have gaming consoles and weren’t playing these games as I did. I never let it get to my head and kept playing with the boys. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit halfway through my Freshman year of college that I was interested in building a gaming PC. I’ve been a console player my whole life, but when all of my friends moved onto Valorant and left me alone with my PS4, I knew it was time to transition. I made the switch and was hooked for life.”

Angelina is also interested in the gaming industry and after completing a social media internship at TSM FTX, she began building a twitter account that covers women’s teams that compete in high level tournaments, namely VCT Game Changers. You can check out the account here:¬†WomensVCT.

“I started Iron 1 in Valorant and learned all the fundamentals of PC playing (very different from holding a controller!). I was exposed to the harsh reality that women in gaming face daily and it definitely motivated me to become better at Valorant. I climbed the ladder and finally realized that I had so many other passions outside of music education.”

Angelina will begin working with our Valorant players in the near future so be on the lookout in upcoming camps!

Valorant Tip of the Week

Here are three quick tips to help you determine if your defensive position is good or not from C9TG Coach Pad (Twitter).

1) Have you played in this position before? Has the enemy seen you here yet?

2) If the enemy is coming, how quickly can your teammates come and support you?

3) If you are pressured, are you in a position to be able to back off and retake with your team?

When rounds can be decided by a split second, being unpredictable will give you a major advantage over your opponents. It is also important to have a good sense of the rotational timing of your teammates. This will help you better slow down the enemy team, give you more control, and give you time to back off as it may be more advantageous to retake as a group!

League of Legends Tip of the Week

To “freeze” a lane, it requires the enemy wave to have 4 more minions than your wave. You’ll need to keep an eye on the waves so start paying close attention. It may be difficult at first to track waves but with a little practice, you will be able to do it intuitively. What you’re looking for:

-1 Melee minion and 3 casters, or

-1 Cannon minion and 2 casters.

To ideally freeze the wave you want to position it between your tower and the midpoint of the lane. A proper freeze when you are stronger than your lane opponent(s) allows you to pressure them away from the wave so they miss CS and experience. Be careful however, because it can also set you up for the enemy jungler to sneak into the lane bushes and gank you.

A quick tip for people who are struggling to know what to look for when freezing a lane from C9TG Coach Yuishi (Twitter).