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June 24, 2022

TG Insider is a deep look at the Training Grounds community to celebrate our players, coaches, and accomplishments!

Spotlight of the Week

This week we are spotlighting Maxwell (UpsetMax), who runs much of our TFT content!

Max started at Training Grounds as an exceptional League of Legends coach in 2021 and has made waves in the coaching scene since his arrival. But guess what? He’s also an incredible TFT player and coach!

“I was very happy to have found a game where I could express individual skill while still playing a relatively relaxing yet exciting game.”

After he reached Masters in Set 4, he began becoming more interested in advanced and competitive strategies in TFT. He was able to hit Challenger and peaked at 1150 LP (Rank 40 NA) in the most recent TFT set.

Some advice he’d like to leave for players of all levels:
“Although TFT can be very strategic and ranked games can be serious, I think it’s very important that everyone remember that TFT is a game that has a chance factor to it which means that not everything is within your control and to not get tilted or frustrated if things don’t go perfectly. ”

Max is currently studying Aerospace Engineering and has been passionate about b-boying (Breakdancing) since he was 11 years old. Come hang out with Max in the TG Gym or train with him in our ALL-NEW TFT Bootcamp, starting July 2-3! You can also find him on Twitter.

Smash Tip of the Week

Here is a quick tip about trying to win the match, not the moment by C9TG Coach Dakpo (Twitter).

Value gaining stage control over landing a kill move at higher percent. Most kill moves are difficult to land directly out of neutral. Aim to knock an opponent into disadvantage with a good neutral tool first. This creates a much stronger scenario to land your kill move when they try to return to neutral from a disadvantage. Valuing stage control is especially important for neutral based characters such as Sheik and Diddy.

Valorant Tip of the Week

In any ELO bracket many problems come from lack of communication. When you’re on a team with people who are uninterested in communicating, you can use your minimap to give you a 6th sense! Not only does your mini-map show you where your teammates are, but where they are looking. This can help you determine what areas are covered and what areas you may need to cover. Just make sure you don’t get caught in the open staring at the map! Check out our upcoming 4-week camps to learn more about how to support your teammates and position yourself for the win!

4-week Bootcamp (July 5th – 28th)

What happens when your teammates don’t want to get on the mic? C9TG Coach Nano (Twitter) has the answer.

Clip of the Week

This week's clip of the week is from our very own TFT Coach, UpsetMax. League of Legends, TFT, AND Breakdancing?!