Utica University and FITGMR Announce Partnership

December 5, 2022

FITGMR and Utica University Partner to Enhance Utica Esports Program

Parnership aims to Revolutionize the Way College Esports Athletes Train and Compete

December 5, 2022: FITGMR, a performance and player development company in esports and developer of the FITGMR App and Utica University have entered a partnership to provide comprehensive training to the school’s varsity esports teams. FITGMR was born out of Cloud9, training Cloud9 players and staff for over four years. Cloud9 is one of the world’s most successful esports organizations and the winner of the 2022 North American League of Legends Championship. Recently FITGMR brought the Cloud9 Training Grounds under their umbrella. In association with Cloud9, the Training Grounds will complete FITGMR’s offerings as a comprehensive player performance and development system including their holistic approach to player wellbeing & development, and specific in-game skills coaching. Working with FITGMR and the Training Grounds, Daniel Sportello, Utica University’s Esports Director is designing a program that will include professional VOD reviews, developing and training in-house coaches, professional quality in-game training, a summer camp program, and implementing the FITGMR system with the App and Team Dashboard. Academic performance will continue to be a priority for the program. This partnership is also part of the University’s mission to bring national titles to the esports program.

The program at Utica University is intentionally structured to provide a platform for students wishing to compete at the professional level, to succeed in their future careers through high quality education, prepared to continue in the esports industry post college if they choose and armed with a foundation of fundamental life skills applicable in all aspects of their lives.

Daniel Sportello, Utica University Esports Program Director stated, “Utica University is absolutely thrilled to be a part of something that is going to set the template for institutions, organizations, and programs alike across the country. This will change thousands of lives each year and for the foreseeable future. The determination of this incredible team to close the gap between high school, collegiate, and professional esports; is driven by passion, motivation, and selfless service in ways that I have seldom seen in the industry. There is no reality where this does not succeed, this is the future, this is esports.”

“FITGMR is honored to support Utica University in its journey to build a world class esports program and set the standard for esports player development. We share a common mission to revolutionize the way collegiate esports athletes train and compete. With an integrated approach to whole health, wellness, and in-game training, we’re not just about improving team performance, we’re about changing lives.”

Samir Bolar, FITGMR Co-Founder & COO



FITGMR is a human performance company that has developed the first app specifically designed to meet the mental and physical demands of gamers and esports athletes. The FITGMR app is available in the App Store and Google Play. FITGMR has also developed a science-based curriculum for secondary and post-secondary educators and coaches to support healthy gaming education and a learning management system based on the FITGMR Five Pillars of Health. With the recent transition of the Cloud9 Training Grounds to FITGMR, the company now provides holistic health tools, as well as a comprehensive training experience that includes personalized game training, competitive league play, coaching, and community engagement.



Daniel Sportello, a 27-year-old disabled US Army Veteran, husband, and father of two children grew up as a traditional multi-sports athlete. Wrestling became his focus in high school and in the Army where he won several  grappling tournaments. Daniel saw the similarities between esports and traditional sports and he ultimately turned his passion to esports. That passion and what he knows esports can provide to students brought him to present the case for developing an esports program at Utica University. Daniel’s proposal was approved and he was asked to run the program. Today Utica University is the 14th member of the ECC, and ready to expand the school’s esports programming, lift trophies, and create a pipeline for high school students and college students interested in pursuing esports academically and competitively at every level.