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VALORANT is a tactical first person shooter developed by Riot Games. A match consists of two teams of 5 players fighting for 26 rounds played out on a chosen map! Each team is fighting to win a majority of the rounds to secure victory!



In VALORANT depending which side you are on your objective changes. As the Attackers, your objective is to work with your team to take control of one of the Plant Zones across the map and plant the “Spike”. The Defenders however, will do their best to stop the Attackers from planting. If the Attackers do manage to get the Spike planted, the defenders will have a 45 second window to retake the area and defuse the Spike.



VALORANT’s competition standard is a 5 vs 5 format with the ability to pick and ban maps with your opponent to decide which one to play on. Training Grounds works to provide that competitive experience to all players!


As with any team game, VALORANT requires a multitude of skills including teamwork, clear and concise communication, problem solving, and taking constructive criticism! Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle all contribute towards a sharper mind and in turn, faster improvement!




VALORANT is both easy to get into but very difficult to master. It helps teach you the fundamentals that you would need to know for any shooter while also giving a more forgiving round by round format instead of something like a Battle Royale where you might get eliminated quite early! At Training Grounds we make sure that you understand not only how to make a play, but why that play is correct in the given situation and how to make sure that you and your team are on the same page about that play!


VALORANT gives players a way to express themselves through the different types of characters available to play, from the fast and aggressive Duelists to the slow and tactical Sentinels, you’ll find someone that fits your playstyle! Even if you are just interested in playing casually there are a lot of people who focus on the less stressful gamemodes and meet people from all over the world!


As you get better and better at VALORANT, understanding how to set reasonable goals for yourself and work towards them will become key just like any skill you learn in life! With the First Person Shooter fundamentals you learn in VALORANT, you can jump into another First Person Shooter and already have an idea of what might work and what might not!

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