A balanced, positive coaching experience for aspiring young gamers. Gain the skills needed to succeed in and outside the game.



Watch your teamwork and communication skills improve as you complete our 4-week comprehensive, team-based game training experience.  


Experience signature C9 drills tested and proven to increase performance.


Receive personalized coaching on your goals, individual skill, and level of teamwork.


Join a fun, new community of gamer friends who love to play, compete, and learn together




Starts: 01/10
Ends: 02/05
January Weekday Val Camp (Youth 13-18)
Starts: 01/10
Ends: 02/05
January Weekday LoL Camp (Youth 13-18)
Starts: 01/03
Ends: 01/07
1-Week Winter LoL Camp (Youth 13-18)
Starts: 01/03
Ends: 01/07
1-Week Winter Val Camp (Youth 13-18)


• Each training camp is 4 weeks long, 2 days a week for 2.5 hours a day online.  

• A free C9 gift
• A dedicated coach
 • A team matched to your skill level
• Weekly skills training and facilitated scrimmages  
• 1:1 coach feedback on your game play
• An end of training camp showdown with other teams
• Game streams shout casted by C9 streamers
• Member access to the C9 Discord, which includes pro-led Master Classes
• Possibility of being featured on Training Grounds and C9 social media

  • TG League is focused on weekly competitions and a league tournament  
  • TG League has no formal game training 
  • TG League play has fewer opening and runs on a limited, seasonal schedule 
  • TG League is designed for players who feel ready for amateur league competition 

• Yes, each month will feature a new set of skills

• No, each training camp is designed to be taken on its own in any sequence

• Like a gift card, The Training Pass is a pass that can be used at any time to enroll in any training camp. It’s designed for parents and friends who want to give a pass to a player but do not know what day or time works best. The TG Gym is a membership service where players can receive 1 hour of training a week on a specific skill while enjoying scrimmages in the TG member community.

• You can either sign up for a camp and ask your team and coach to pick a better training time or you can sign up for TG Gym for a more flexible, a la carte training experience.  

• Our trainings focus on the highest demand titles. If you have other titles in mind, please email us and we will compile a waitlist. Once we have critical mass, we will open a new title. 

• Add your teammate names in the comments section, and we will pair you up with your teammates.